Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Faye and Drew have been asking me a lot of questions about Santa this year. They really haven't been too excited about him in previous years. I think they were just too little to really understand or care. Last year they didn't believe me that Santa was 'real', but this year they are really into the whole Santa Clause thing. Faye keeps asking me tons and tons of questions - how do the elves know what toys to make?, why does Santa live in the north pole?, is he an elf? and on and on and on. I get so tired of the hundreds (or is it thousands) of daily questions from two five year olds, but I try to smile and answer them as best I can, as I know this will pass quickly too!

So I decided to take them to see Santa this morning. Last year I waited too long and the lines were terrible so we never really ended up seeing Santa. I decided we'd go early this year, and on a weekday morning when it would not be so busy. The kids were so excited! They talked about it all they way there - mostly Faye was explaining to Drew how it all worked. He kept asking her, "but how do you know", till finally she told him she asked mommy and I had told her.

We were just about the only ones there this morning, so no waiting! They got right up there and did sit on his lap, but were a little reluctant to tell him their names or what they wanted for Christmas. Drew muttered out that he wanted a monster truck and somehow Santa actually understood him. I'm guessing he's used to this and can understand the mumblings of about any small child by now. Faye, who is usually a little more outgoing than Drew looked to me for help, so I told Santa some of the things on her wish list. They got a candy cane and coloring book and were thrilled! As we walked around the mall, Drew told me he forgot to tell Santa something else, so we went back before leaving today and he told Santa he also wanted a Transformer.

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Kristy said...

so funny...you'll have to tell me all the answers to those questions!