Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

I had parent teacher conferences on Friday morning. Andy took the morning off and stayed home with the kids while I went in to speak with their teachers. Andy chased the kids around the house threatening to take their photo. Apparently they got out their Nerf guns after I left. They were having a lot of fun, but were still in their pj's and the beds are still unmade (and it was after 11am when I got home). Its probably a good thing I'm the one that stays home and not Andy.

The preschool teachers didn't tell me anything I didn't know. The kids fight sometimes at school - just with each other not the other classmates so nothing to worry about there. Faye is the ringleader of their group, which includes Faye, Maddie, and Drew. Apparently she tells them what to do and they do it, but as their teacher said they are the type of kids who really don't care. She thinks she is in control here at home too, telling me and Andy, and well, everyone what is right and wrong and what they should be doing. Drew is quiet at school but is doing well. He has been opening up to the teachers and telling them lots of stories, and is starting to play with some of the other boys rather than checking to see what Faye is doing all the time. Faye spends the majority of her time at the craft table with her friend Maddie, which was definitely no surprise to me. She colors/draws most of the afternoon at home. Drew is torn - he wants to be with Faye and Maddie but he really is not into crafts as much as they are and would rather play cars/trucks.

It is always so much fun to hear about how they are doing in school. I only get a brief glimpse each morning when I drop them off and pick them up, so it is great to hear more. I think they will be ready for Kindergarten next fall! Now we just have to choose which one and if they will be in the same class. No Pressure!

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