Saturday, December 5, 2009

Parade of Lights

Last night was the annual Parade of Lights here in Champaign. We picked Andy up from work and searched for a parking spot. Last year it was ridiculously cold and we made the mistake of parking and trying to walk to West Side Park. We didn't even make it until the parade started before we headed back to the van and found a place to park and watch. This year we were a little smarter, and found a parking spot at the YMCA, which is right across from the park. So we could either sit in the van and watch if we were cold, or venture outside.

It was much much warmer this year, around 30 degrees, and I had the kids bundled up, so we waited until the parade started and walked out to watch. The kids were cold - Faye was especially complaining that her face was cold - until the first person came around with a candy cane. She was sold!! She'll do just about anything for sweets. Drew was ready to head back to the van and warm up after a few minutes, but she was now going to stick it out. We did end up going back to the van for a couple minutes to warm up, then ventured back outside to watch the end of the parade. We ended up with a whole bunch of candy canes!

Alex was a little confused about the whole thing, but he didn't complain once. He was actually the only one last year who didn't seem bothered by the cold either!

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