Friday, December 4, 2009

Non - crafty

I'm no Martha Stewart, but I certainly have a lot of ambition for craft making. I've tried painting, jewelry making, scrap-booking, sewing, and crocheting, and who knows probably some I've forgotten. Crochet is my favorite and probably the one I'm best at, but don't look too closely at anything I make because I'm sure there are lots of errors!

By nature I just am not a crafty person. I don't usually have the patience to take my time and do things exactly right. It stresses me out if I have too many projects going at once - I have to finish them immediately or I freak out about how many things I have to do. I like to have everything organized and finished, or I have trouble sleeping (I know it is ridiculous). So you would think I would just give it up, but no, I have about 10 different craft projects going on right now. Yep - I'm stressed. But at the same time I do really enjoy it.

My latest project was one of the most fun I've made. It's a present for the kids for Christmas, and who knows if they'll like it, but they had fun trying to guess what it was before I had the eyes and legs sewn on. Andy of course looks at me like I'm crazy and has the opinion of "can't you just buy that at a store", but I think it is cute and hopefully the kids will appreciate it someday. Now I just have to get busy and make 2 more!

If you can't tell, it is supposed to be an octopus - and I did get eight legs on there.

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