Thursday, December 10, 2009

Black lipstick

Faye loves to color and draw. She makes me probably 10 pictures a day, sometimes even more. Her teacher at school even commented on how 'full of artwork' our house must be. She really has no idea. The kids get really upset if they seem me recycle any of their work, but I really just can't keep it all. So I have to sneak it out when they are not looking, and sometimes I get caught and the kids usually have a breakdown. I do have a gigantic pile of artwork in our basement that I just can't bring myself to get rid of, but I really don't know what to do with it either.

Since she loves to color and draw so much, we have a lot of crayons and some markers. The crayons seem to last a little longer than the markers, for several reasons. The kids sometimes lose the marker lids, or don't put them on tightly, or they just wear out eventually. Lately though, Alex has been getting into the markers, and while sometimes he does actually draw on paper, his favorite thing is to draw on his lips, like he is putting on lipstick. Faye and Drew were both coloring me some pictures this morning. They have been making pictures for me for Christmas and hiding them all over the house so I don't see them till Christmas morning, but I've found several as their hiding places are not too great. Alex of course got in on the action and he was having a lot of fun, and then he once again put it all around his lips and was just making a show of it. He loves to make us laugh and the kids and I were really laughing. Thank goodness they are non-toxic and washable!!


Kristy said...

one of my friends has a great suggestion about this...take pictures of the kids artwork before you "recycle" it...then each child can create a scrapbook/portfolio of their work!

Stephanie said...

i never thought of that. that is a great idea!!