Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1st Snow

It is the first real snow of the season here today. It is actually more wind than anything, I think around 30 - 40mph, so it is freezing cold, but the kids haven't seemed to mind. This morning after I got the kids ready for school, and while we were waiting for Drew to choose his item for Secret Sack, Alex and Faye and I went outside to check out the snow. Alex loved it! I love the look on his face - it is just pure joy! He was trying to catch the snowflakes and he was spinning around and around. He had so much fun.

After lunch today the kids wanted to go back outside. I wasn't going to stop them, but I stayed inside except to snap a few photos. It was much too windy and cold for me, but the kids were so excited. Andy left the wagon outside, and it had some water in it that froze, so the kids had a blast getting out the chunks of ice. I am always surprised how anything can amuse a kid! Faye didn't last too long and came back inside to stand on our heater. Alex and Drew kept playing and playing until finally I made Alex come inside. Drew really had a good time and didn't want to come inside, but I could tell he was getting really cold.

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