Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ravioli - vegan style!

I've been thinking about ravioli a lot lately, trying to decide how I could make some. I used to love ravioli, but it is most definitely not vegan, and a lot of times not even vegetarian. There may be a commercially produced vegan version out there somewhere, but I haven't seen any and I guess I haven't really looked. Those things, if available in a vegan version, usually come in very small packages (not for a hungry family of 5), and are too pricey for us. I usually just shop at Schnucks or occasionally IGA which does have a natural foods section, but its not that large. We do have Strawberry Fields which carries lots and lots of vegan/vegetarian/organic products, but it is so pricey I only go there about 2x a year. I love it, but you have to be rich to shop there! (I miss the co-op in St. Paul so much sometimes!)

I've looked online a few times for ravioli recipes, but I had not really found anything I thought would work. And I've never really made homemade pasta, so that scares me a little. I have made homemade lasagna noodles, but that is the extent of my pasta making, and lasagna noodles are so easy. So, knowing Andy can find anything online, I told him about my ravioli cravings and set him to work. He of course turned up a recipe and some pasta making sites as well.

We decided to make mushroom and tofu stuffed ravioli, and topped it with our homemade tomato sauce. Andy sauteed baby bella mushrooms in olive oil and white wine with salt and pepper and I mixed up tofu concoction with nutritional yeast and basil and some other spices. I used a combination whole wheat flour and white flour and rolled out some sheets of pasta. I put scoops of both mixtures on the pasta sheet, put another pasta sheet on top and used a pizza cutter to cut my ravioli. They suggested using a pastry cutter or pie cutter, but I had neither. I then used a fork around the edge to make them look a little nicer. I think they look so cute - it was a lot of work but it was actually fun too! I think we used about every bowl and pan in our kitchen, but it was worth it. They turned out awesome!!!

I didn't get a photo after they were done cooking, we were too busy eating. Drew really liked it, and Faye not as much, but she still ate it. Alex didn't eat much either, but while he was waiting he had a huge piece of homemade whole wheat bread just out of the oven, so he already had a full tummy.

The one photo I did get is not great either; my camera broke a couple days ago so I had to use my phone. Hopefully I will get an early Christmas present this year!

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