Friday, November 6, 2009

Lights out!

My kids, Drew especially, are obsessed with turning out the lights. All the lights. I thought kids were afraid of the dark? Well, my kids definitely are not afraid. It is getting dark here around 5:30pm, about the time Andy gets home from work. Drew runs around the house and turns out all the lights, and that combined with some new thick drapes (supposed to help keep the cold out) I bought for our downstairs, makes our house very very dark.

I went upstairs last night to check my email, and when I came back downstairs to make dinner I couldn't see a thing. I can barely walk around until my eyes adjust. Andy loves it since we'll be saving money. I don't mind it sometimes but wow I get really tired of being in the dark all evening! I sort of hope this doesn't last too long with the kids.

The kids had a great game of Hide and Seek in the dark last night. Even Alex joined in the fun. They used their flashlights to find each other. At least they can find ways to have fun on their own!

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Karen said...

Funny. Around here, they're always tuning ON the lights!!