Thursday, November 5, 2009

Learning new things

Here's Faye ready for gymnastics today. We arrived a little early, so they like to go over to the basketball court and run around before class. Faye loves to pose for pictures. She's wearing one of my old leotards I wore when I was little - her teacher commented on how much she loved it. The old ones are really cool compared to some of the newer ones. You just can't find stuff like this now, so I'm glad my mom saved them!

Faye learned how to tie her shoelaces all by herself this morning! She's been working on it for awhile, and was really close to being able to do it, but finally this morning she put both of her shoes on and did it all on her own. She even double knotted them!

When we came home from the gym they all were hungry and wanted a snack, so they had bananas. Alex wanted one too and he actually looked at me and said, "na na". I was so ridiculously happy. Its amazing how such small stuff can be so important and really make your day! He never talks and it just came right out this morning.

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