Thursday, October 15, 2009

Safety Day

Faye and Drew had their last day of swim classes today. It also happened to be safety day, one of their favorites! This is their 4th swim class this year, so they know the drill. They get to wear life jackets and also ride the 'boat'. It is just so much fun to watch them enjoy this!! I of course didn't even have my camera, but I ran to my locker and grabbed my phone. What would we do without camera phones?

Their swim instructor the past few weeks was so nice and the kids really had a great time with her. She's telling the kids all about life jackets here and how to jump in the water while wearing one. Its amazing how well the kids listen at class - not at all like home!

And now getting ready to jump...

The boat is the best part though... they rode back and forth across the pool about 50 times. The swim instructor tells them about water safety and what to do if they fall off a boat, then proceeds to rock the boat until they fall off. They LOVE it!!! And they did that over and over again - they didn't want to get out of the pool to come home.

Swimming across after being knocked off...

After class today - Drew did actually get out of the water and let me take his photo, then proceeded to go back by the pool and throw all the toys in, thinking the teacher would let him get back in to retrieve them. Nice try, but no luck!

You can see him here in the background throwing in all the toys! What a kid.

Faye doesn't want a break from swim lessons. She loves swimming, but I don't want her to get sick of it either so we're making them both take a break and they can start back up next year sometime. I've enrolled them in Gymnastics starting next week and they both seem excited about it. It is just a once a week, one hour class, starting on Thursday. It is a preschool class for 4-5 year olds, focusing on the floor exercises and bars, and maybe the vault towards the end of class.

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