Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin carving

The kids and I finally had a laid back day at home today. It was the 1st day in a long time that we stayed home; no school or swim lessons or trips to the library or gym. We thought about swimming, but we've all had colds and coughs and we really just needed a day at home to relax and catch up.

We decided while we had the time we should carve our pumpkins, so we spent most of the morning working on that. The kids had a great time with it and had some great design ideas. Unfortunately we didn't have the right carving equipment to do all their ideas, but what we did turned out OK I think.

I did all the carving, but the kids did do most of the seed scraping. None of the kids like touching the inside of the pumpkins - too slimy for them, but they did well with the spoons. Alex tried eating it a few times, but didn't really like it. He didn't really have the idea of taking out the seeds. As I took them out, he put them back in his little pumpkin till it was full, but he sure had a good time doing it.

We also decided we should make Halloween brownies today, so after lunch the kids helped with that. They all love to help bake, mostly because they get to lick the beaters, bowl and spoon when finished. It is a disaster, but so much fun for them. Plus, since we're vegan, we don't have to worry about the raw batter being harmful because there are no eggs!!

Drew manages to stay relatively neat (he almost never gets messy), but Faye and Alex don't have much luck with that.

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