Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picture day

The kids had picture day at school today. They seemed very excited about it last night, asking me over and over what they were going to wear. I helped them pick out something nice and they seemed happy with it. Usually they want to decide on their own clothes, which we let them, even if they are really mismatched. Occasionally I do have to send them back to their room to change. It is usually Faye for wearing two different shoes, or a really fancy dress to go play at the park, or just something really old and misfitting that I never got around to taking out of her drawer.

We didn't try school pictures last year as Drew hated getting his picture taken and I didn't want to give that job to the teachers. And wow was it a job! I would be exhausted after taking the kids to get pictures! He has been so much better this year about picture taking. He used to tell me he didn't know how to smile, but now he is trying to smile and it looks so cute. He gets his face all scrunched up.

I have no idea how the school pictures went today. I tried asking the kids, but all I got out of them was that they had to sit on a stool and the photographer said silly words to them. I hope they turn out! They've been talking about fairy tales at school, so they made wands and crowns today. Drew has been really excited about the stuff he made today!

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