Saturday, October 10, 2009

Negangard Pumpkin Patch

It was finally a sunny nice fall day today, so we decided to take the kids out to the pumpkin patch while it was nice. We took them to Negangard Pumpkin patch last year, and we all loved it so we decided to go there again this year. There are others around and some closer, but they just have too much stuff. This one is just a basic pumpkin picking place; no pony rides or gift shops or bakeries. No overpriced junk. It is about a 25 minute drive from our house, near Sidney, IL.

Alex fell asleep on the way and wasn't quite sure what to think when we pulled up. Faye and Drew remembered the place from last year and quickly ran to grab a wagon. They group all the same priced pumpkins together - the bigger ones are more expensive, but really I think they have great prices. The kids are standing near the $2 pumpkins which are really quite large and are the ones we brought home. They go up to $5 for the really big pumpkins, and then the humongous ones are individually priced, usually over $10.

Alex liked the littlest pumpkins best, so he picked out a few of those. They were just the right size for him to pick up. They were only $.25, and he would not stop grabbing them and putting them in the wagon. As he put one in, the kids or I took one out and put it back.

They always have a ton of squash for sale really cheap, so we loaded up the wagon with lots of that too. Alex really seemed to get the idea of putting things in the wagon, so we had to really watch him or it was very quickly full of miscellaneous items. We all had a great time and we spent less than $15!

Here is a photo we took last year, and another one we took this year. What a difference a year makes!! Last year the children would not sit for their photo, but instead Faye was climbing and Drew was hiding. How funny! We do have the addition of Superman this year, but a much nicer photo!

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