Saturday, October 3, 2009

Laundry chute...?

Does anyone know how to install a laundry chute? We really need one in our house. With 3 kids and a shedding dog and a not so neat husband I do so much laundry. It is never ending, and of course I have to carry the laundry from our upstairs to our basement, then back up again.

I spent the morning at the Convenient Care... getting an X-ray on my right foot again. I somehow missed a step on the basement stairs as I was carrying dirty laundry and injured my right foot(am I getting really old?). I really didn't fall, but since I just broke it in February, it was enough to make me think I broke it again. The nurse said the x-ray looked OK, but will send it on for someone else to look at to be sure it is OK. I was so relieved. The last thing I want to do is wear that stupid air cast for another 10 weeks.

My foot is swollen and feels like someone ran over it, but I am walking around OK and putting it up as much as possible, and hope it will feel better soon!

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