Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicken, Airplane, Rocketship

I had a great morning with the kids! They've been taking swim lessons at the YMCA since April, and are really doing great. They 1st started in the Mini-Pike class, then went through Pike, and are now in Eel. Currently they have swim lessons Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and they are the only 2 in the class so they get a ton of swim time in the pool. I about laughed until I cried this morning watching Faye swimming across the pool. She was swimming on her back on her own, doing chicken, airplane, rocket ship. I don't know if there is another name for this particular stroke, but probably. Anyways, this is how they teach it to the kids, having them do their arms and legs like a chicken, then an airplane, and finally a rocket ship. She is fairly good at this and mostly stays above water and makes it all the way on her own, but for some reason this morning she was having trouble coordinating all those moves. So there was about a 10 second break between each move, in which her whole head would go under water, then she'd come up with a huge smile on her face and proceed to the next step, before that happening again. I think she could have just been messing around, but either way it was so funny! The swim teacher couldn't stop laughing either, which could be why she kept doing it. Faye also made it all the way across the pool on her own doing the backstroke, which was the 1st time for that. Drew hates the backstroke because he is still worried about getting water in his eyes. Their swim teacher was amazed that he could jump in the water on his own and keep his head above water - something she said is a hard thing she has to teach lifeguards, and even they sometimes have trouble learning that!

Alex is having a rough time at swim lessons. I've been taking him in the childcare room with Wendy while the kids have their lesson, trying to get him used to being with someone besides mommy so when I eventually get a job in the next year or two it won't be so difficult. He will be old enough for the 2 year old preschool class in the fall, so we may try that. He is very very attached to me, which is a new thing for me as I didn't go through this with Faye and Drew. With twins things were just different and they were used to not being with mommy all the time or being held all the time.

The 1st time I took Alex in he ran off to play with the toys and we just left. Once he figured out I was gone he was a little upset, but did OK until he saw me when I was picking him up and then he started screaming! The next few times did not go well at all - he screamed and screamed for 20 minutes before I went in to get him. So on Tuesday I sat in there with him and he got a little more used to Wendy and had a lot of fun playing with all the toys. Today when I asked him if he was going to play with Wendy he actually shook his head yes. So in we went, and I sat by him for awhile before leaving. I checked on him a little while later and he was crying, but I left and went back to watch the kids. I think it is harder on me than him, but something I need to get used to! When I went back to get him, he was sitting on the floor and playing with some toys. Another little boy had come in to play, which Wendy said helped a ton. He actually didn't want to leave today - so he is getting through this, and so am I!!

After swim lessons I took them to the store to buy new tennis shoes. They have Velcro shoes, but I figured it was time to teach them how to tie shoes! They probably should already know that - but better late than never. Plus it has been awhile since they've had new shoes, and their feet did grow!! The kids had some birthday money they used, and both picked out a nice pair of Nike's. They of course had to wear them home and will probably wear them the rest of the day, maybe even to bed! The last time they had new shoes they had them on right out of the bath before even getting dressed, and also as soon as they got up with their pj's.

Thanks to everyone who brought, sent, or mailed birthday presents to the kids. The kids are slowly working on sending out thank you's, but it could be awhile before we finish!

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Kristy said...

I feel emotional for you with Alex growing up and not wanting to leave his momma! I'm so thankful for your blog so I can come back and reference your ideas once Izzy gets to this age!