Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 Months

Alex is 15 months old now and had his well baby check-up this morning. He weighed in at 22lbs, which only puts him in the 16th percentile, but he is almost 32 inches tall, which is the 70th percentile. So he is a tall and thin baby. I really don't think he is that thin; he has this huge belly that is always sticking out and is so adorable. He's discovered his belly button and plays with that all the time now, especially since it is really an outie due to a small hernia. The pediatrician assures me that it should heal on its own in time. She is not concerned about his weight at this age, since he is so busy running around she said it is natural for babies of this age to be thin.

He had to get 3 shots this morning and he did great. He didn't even cry, but he was not happy with the nurse. He was completely unaware as the nurse gave him his first shot, but quickly looked at me to see what was going on. After the second shot his face started turning red very quickly, and by the time he got the 3rd shot his whole face was bright red and he was really really angry. But it was all over and no crying or screaming as I expected. He would not wave goodbye to the nurse, and waving is his favorite thing to do right now, but otherwise he seemed his normal self.

He was very very tired, probably from no morning nap and the shots, so he is sound asleep in his room now. I love how peaceful babies look when they are sleeping.

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