Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tie Dye!!

At some point in time Faye saw a tie dye shirt, and she loved it. She wanted one right then, but we decided for some reason to wait. Then, when we were on vacation, Faye saw another tie dye shirt in the gift shop at Mt. Rushmore. She almost got it as her souvenir, then decided on something else at the last minute. But she keeps asking me about it, so I decided we'd try to make one and make things fun!

We went to Hobby Lobby after swim lessons and picked up a couple white t-shirts, and found some dye called tumble dri, which came in a spray bottle. The kids had a lot of fun making their shirts.

We washed the shirts first and the kids could not wait until they were done - we didn't even have to dry them as the dye was supposed to go on a damp t-shirt. Drew stood at the top of the basement stairs almost the whole time trying to hear if the washer had stopped. I got everything ready while we waited, and put the kids aprons on to protect their clothes. Then we bunched up the shirts and put a bunch of rubber bands around them. I made Alex's as he was taking a nap and he probably would be too little for this project anyways.

Then the kids sprayed their shirts with the colors, we let them sit for awhile, and then took off the rubber bands. The kids wanted more color, so we did it all again. Finally they were done. The kids wore them to school today and were very excited to show their friends.

They didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, so we may try it again sometime, only mixing the dye with some water and soaking them in a bucket for awhile. We have plenty of dye left! The spray method was less messy, but didn't work quite as well as it could have.

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