Sunday, September 13, 2009

School time

The kids started preschool last week. They will go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this year. Faye's friend Maddie is in her class again, so they were both thrilled. Faye LOVES school, but then again I don't think there is much doubt that she'll ever not love school. She will sit and color, write, or read all day if I let her. I have to force her into playing some days. What a child! She basically taught herself to read about 2 or 3 months ago, and she can now pick up almost any children's book and read it. Amazing for an almost 5 year old! She is very confused though at how I can read without saying the words out loud; she's just not understanding reading in her head yet, but that will come soon enough. Many nights I hear her reading in her bed long after she should have been asleep, so with as much as she reads she's learning very quickly. I am thrilled about her reading - I don't have to read quite as many books to the kids. I know that sounds terrible, and I love reading to the kids and have always wanted to stress the importance of reading, but seriously she wants me to read for hours, and it just gets tiring!

It has been a little hard on Drew, as he is just not at the same level as Faye and now is worried that he'll 'never read'. I reassure him he'll learn too, and that while she may be better at reading and writing, he is better at other things such as bike riding, etc. He just doesn't enjoy sitting still, but I think that Faye learning to read has started to push him into trying a little more! He sat at the table with me the other day and was learning to write his numbers, and learned how to spell a few words.

Drew was not as excited about starting school as Faye. The 1st day was a little hard, but after the 2ND day last week, the teacher said he did great! He was talking to the teachers and he played with the boys. Some of his friends from last year are also there again this year. The teacher said the kids didn't play together at all the whole day - friends become very important at this age!

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