Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Alex has finally started saying momma!! I've been waiting for months to hear it - and now at almost 15 months he's saying it!! It's been an exciting couple of days for me!! All the childcare books say at 1 year they should be starting to say momma and dada, but not Alex. He would sometimes say dada, but irregularly and I'm not sure he really knew what he was saying. So I was freaking out a bit, which I'm sure is why he wouldn't talk. Well, that and the fact that he points and grunts and we just give him what he wants. All of us, even the kids, know what he wants and give in to him without making him try to tell us(we are trying to stop, but it is easy to forget and just grab something for him). Plus, like Andy said, Alex has been busy learning other things first so he can keep up with the 'big kids'. He can throw and catch a ball, almost do a somersault on his own(sometimes he is successful), and is learning to jump and run. He's fairly good at the running, but he just can't quite get both feet off the ground when trying to jump. So, now he is climbing on top of our coffee table and jumping off. Luckily I've caught him anytime I've seen him, so no injuries yet!!

He's been talking nonstop the past few days, although it is really hard to understand anything except momma or dada, but I'm sure there are other words in there. We've been teaching him animal sounds and his favorite is the horse, which is so cute to watch him say that. He is still signing and will sign 'more' rather than say it most of the time, but I have heard him say more once or twice. Progress!!!

He'll be 15 months old in 2 days, and wow has time flown. I'm really glad that I chose to be a stay at home mom so I can enjoy all these moments with the kids while they are small(well, some days I'm glad - other days it would be much easier to have a job outside of the house). Over the years I've had several people tell me that I'm lucky I get to stay home. I wouldn't say luck was involved, well, maybe just a tad of luck since I have such a great husband willing to be the sole income provider, but I chose to stay home and gave up many things. I could have a great job making lots of money(not to mention adult conversations once in awhile), we could have a nicer house and new cars, but we chose this life. I felt it was more important to give my kids my time rather than money. There is plenty of time down the road for me to get a job and make money and have nicer things. And while we may not have money to 'summer in Europe' or other nonsense, I feel that our kids aren't really missing out on any opportunities.

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