Sunday, August 9, 2009

Warm busy weekend

Finally a warm weekend that we could enjoy outdoors!! We didn't have a single 90 degree day the whole month of July. It seemed like we barely had any 80 degree days in July, but I'm sure it saved on our electric bill.

Saturday when we woke up it was already warm. We headed outside and decided to have the kids help wash the van, which was long overdue. Its probably been six months since we last washed it. Oops - I guess that is why we have an old van. The kids had a blast washing and spraying it off with the hose. Even Alex enjoyed it, although he spent all his time playing with the soapy water in the bucket. He even decided to get in the bucket at one point and sit down. I of course ran for the camera but I was a little too late (why is it never around when you need it?). He was already starting to get out. He had an extremely wet diaper by the time we were done... it was dripping water when I finally took it off him. The kids decided they should wash their bikes too. I don't think the bikes were very dirty, I think they just wanted to extend the playing in water/playing with the hose time.

Saturday afternoon we finally made it to the pool, after a whole month of waiting for warm weather. I'm not sure we'll be buying pool passes again next summer, we haven't got a lot of use out of them this year. Andy and Drew rode their bikes to Spalding pool, while Faye rode in the Burley. Alex was napping so I rode my bike over when he woke up. The water was very very cool, but it felt great and we all had fun. It was not very busy, but this pool never seems to be busy. The other pool has water slides and a lazy river so it has much more appeal. This one is just a plain old pool, with two diving boards. I LOVE the lazy river, but the kids are too little so I rarely get to enjoy that. We can use our passes at either pool, but the kids usually choose this one - I think that will change in the next few years once they can use the waterslides.

We did manage to wear Drew out with all the activity, which is something we can rarely say! He did really well biking, probably about a mile each way. He was biking much slower on the way home so we could tell he was getting really tired. Of course they were all hungry when we got home, so we had pretzels dipped in peanut butter with white chocolate. Alex had it all over his face.

Sunday morning the boys got up early and went again for another long bike ride, while Faye and I slept in. We filled up the kiddie pool and the kids spent they day playing outside. Hopefully the warm weather will stick around for awhile. All the playing outside/swimming/biking really tires the kids out!


Kristy said...

Sounds like you guys made a fun weekend out of the 2 hottest days we had this summer. I don't know how I lucked out to be pg in the coolest summer we have had in decades...

Billie Jo Henson said...

Glad you all enjoyed the HOT weather and that the kids got wore out! Sounds like a ton of fun. Cant wait to see you all soon!