Friday, August 21, 2009


I've discovered that Drew likes to vacuum. Loves to vacuum. This has to be one of the best days I've had this month! Our floor is constantly dirty and I am constantly cleaning it. With 3 kids and a dog, I'm sure you can imagine how that happens. Drew got a carrot from the garden, and he was supposed to be eating it outside. Of course he didn't listen, and he made a mess all over the floor, after I had just spent the morning sweeping and mopping and vacuuming. The kids like to eat the carrots with the whole stem and greens attached, so pieces fly off here and there as they swing them around. I have to admit it does look like a fun way to eat a carrot.

I told the kids if they were old enough to make messes, they were old enough to clean them up and handed them the vacuum. The kids have now vacuumed the floor at least 3 times, and if they find a little crumb will ask me if they can get the vacuum out to clean it up. After dinner tonight I didn't even have to ask, Drew got it out of the closet, plugged it in, and cleaned up Alex's dinner mess. Yeah!!! I have a little helper. I just hope it lasts. Or maybe that will be a chore I will have the kids take turns with each day.

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