Monday, August 3, 2009

The table..

I spent the morning today telling Alex, "no no - get off the table." He has learned how to climb almost anything, including the benches for our table as well as the chairs. So he climbs the bench, then on to the table, where he then decides he should stand up. So yes, I have a one year old standing straight up in the middle of our dining room table. So I tell him no and shake my head, he also shakes his head no as if he understands, and I lift him down. As soon as I set his feet on the ground, he is back to climbing again. Back on top of the table where he decides he should stand right in the middle of the table. We did this about a hundred times, not exaggerating a bit. I tried distracting him, but no luck. (I didn't take any photos of him doing this as the camera was upstairs and I was too busy getting him off the table to run and get the camera).

I finally remembered that Faye and Drew also had a thing about climbing the chairs and getting on the table. They were a little older, and they also did not stand on the table so it was not quite as worrisome. I also remember what we did - we bought them their own little table and chairs. And we still have it. It was covered in toys on our porch, but we cleaned it off and brought it out, and Alex, well, he seemed to like it. This is how he decided to eat his breakfast. At least he was sitting.

And yes, I do believe he is trying to lick his plate.

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