Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little angels and devils!

Of course I'm talking about my kids... they can be either little angels or little devils, sometimes switching hourly and sometimes daily or weekly. Most of the time they are great kids, but they do have a lot of energy and that sometimes gets them into a lot of trouble. And there are days - those days you wish would just end quickly so you can start fresh and hope it is a better day tomorrow. We had one of those days yesterday...

I took them to Billie Jo's house yesterday to see Colton and to see her new house. The kids had never been there yet. I had an early 8am dentist appointment so I was up early, but the kids were not. Andy tried to get them all ready so we could leave as soon as I got home, which we almost did. Andy forgot that one of the kids needed shoes, and another one was dressed but very mismatched so we had to fix that a little! I was hoping for the best, but I felt rushed and unprepared, which usually means trouble. The kids must sense that.

Skipping all the terrible details as I really don't want to relive it anymore than possible, there was at one point in time an accident in the kitchen and an accident in the bathroom (yes almost at the same time - they are twins!), with a one year old running all over the house climbing and grabbing everything he could, not to mention it was already afternoon and no nap at all for the day, with Billie holding her baby who was still awake probably from all the commotion!

But it was great to see Colton again (and you too Billie, Mike and Brittney). He is one month old and a very sweet and adorable baby. He looks about like a 3 month old! But then so did Alex. He has huge chubby cheeks and would just look around at everything and is already holding his head up really well. He talked to me a little which was so sweet! He barely cried the whole time we were there, and he was awake the whole time. He is growing up way too fast!!

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Billie Jo Henson said...

We all enjoyed seeing you all. It was crazy but hey when our kids have kids we can sit back and laugh at all this and them!