Friday, August 7, 2009

Boys boys boys!

The boys decided to help themselves to an afternoon snack yesterday. I was upstairs on the computer (only for a second) and thought they were downstairs playing. Faye was still napping. I noticed that things were especially quiet downstairs, which is always my sign that something is going on that shouldn't be. So I tiptoed downstairs as quietly as I could - I like to sneak up on the kids and see what they're really doing when they think I'm not watching - and found the boys sitting at the table and eating graham crackers. Lots of them! They had a whole package open and had broken them into pieces. At least they were both sitting at the table and not running around the house with them. So much for dinner though...

Raising boys is unlike anything else I think. They have this extreme energy and willingness to try anything, no matter how much they will get hurt or how much trouble they'll get into later. To them it is worth it - have the fun now and pay the consequences later. And they do get into lots of trouble, but the certainly have fun doing it!

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