Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harvest Moon

Saturday night we took the kids to the Harvest Moon Drive-In theater in Gibson City. Andy and I really wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie, but we don't have a baby sitter and the kids are terrified of the Harry Potter movies. I can understand why, they are rather dark and spooky movies. But my kids, Drew especially, are scared of even most children's movies. Drew couldn't watch Toy Story, Monsters, Kung Fu Panda, and many others without being scared. Hopefully he will grow out of that before too long. I love to watch movies and we are very limited to what we can watch together right now. Mostly they watch Winnie the Pooh or Little Einsteins when we watch a movie. So we decided to try the drive-in theater. The kids can sit in the back of our van and watch their movie on our Eee pc, Alex can play or sleep, and we can watch a movie. It worked almost perfectly...

The movie didn't start until about 9pm, and it was a long one! Two and a half hours I think, plus there was at least a 20 minute intermission. I'm sure it was midnight before we were leaving Gibson City. The kids were all tired, but fell asleep on the way home. Alex got a little fussy about 30 minutes into the movie, so I strapped him into my backpack and walked around outside until he fell asleep. He slept almost entirely through the movie, only waking a few times and then going right back to sleep. The kids sat in the back and watched Winnie the Pooh and Little Einsteins using their headphones.. and had quite a few snacks as well. I had to vacuum out the van this morning, but it was worth it!

Harvest moon was really awesome. I have gone to a drive-in movie before, but when I was very little so I don't remember it. So this was like a 1st experience for me. We arrived a little after 8pm to get settled - and it was quite full already. The kids and I walked around to check things out and found a carousel - a very old and rickety carousel from the 40's. They rode that 2 times and had a blast. The whole vibe of the place reminded me of scenes from a few movies - One Crazy Summer and Twister. Both of those movies had drive-in scenes and it was just the same here. It was really cool. The concession stand had neon all the way around the top, and a car in front of us had neon lights that flashed to the sound of the movie. It was a great experience!! We'll be going back again this summer - hopefully to see a children's movie the kids will love!

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