Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Worn out kids...

I finally wore out the kids yesterday. First time ever!! Faye and Drew started a new summer school and their first day was yesterday. They will go every Tuesday and Thursday through the month of July. They loved their 1st year of preschool and had really awesome teachers - what other preschool teachers make scrapbooks for each student, with photos of the kids and projects they made throughout the year? But their school doesn't offer any summer classes, and I think both the kids and I benefit from some time apart each week. So I enrolled them in another school for the summer.

Andy and I went in with them and met their teachers, told them goodbye, and made a quick exit. The kids were a little nervous about a new school, and so was I , but it went great! They made crafts, had music time and snack time, and played in the gym right beside their classroom that has slides and tunnels and all sorts of fun kiddie things. That was where I found them when I came to pick them up - and they did not want to leave. So that was a great sign and a huge sigh of relief for me! I spoke with their teacher for awhile, and she said they did wonderful for their 1st day, but noticed they were both a little shy, Drew more than Faye, but she said she noticed and will try to help them with that.

After school we had lunch and I hauled them off to the outdoor pool for swimming. It was around 80 degrees, but windy so it was a little cold. Faye didn't mind at all. She is a little swimmer and loves the water, no matter how cold it is. It was a little more difficult to get me and Drew and Alex in the water, but we managed for a little bit. It looked like a storm was coming, so we hopped out, and just in time too, as the lifeguards had to clear the pool 5 minutes later. By 6pm all the kids were sleeping, one on the couch and two on the floor, and we had to really struggle to get them awake to eat dinner, then off to bed they went. Drew didn't wake up until after 8am this morning - so they were tired.

I think I'll take them to the pool everyday I can this summer!!

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