Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleeping and signing

Alex has been taking great naps lately, probably because he still wakes up at night several times, for no real reason. Teething may be causing some of his problems. I always laugh every time I see him sleeping in his crib, mouth open, on his tummy with his bum sticking up. Babies are so cute sleeping...

He has learned to sign 'please' now, and received more cookies yesterday than an 11 month old baby should ever have (I'm not sure they should even have a cookie). I made chewy vanilla cookies while Faye and Drew were napping, and he climbed up on the step stool and kept signing please. I couldn't resist giving him some. He got another cookie from daddy when he got home from work. He saw Andy eating a cookie and went chasing him down signing please, and even Andy gave him one.

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