Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can do it!

I bought a reward chart for Faye and Drew last week. Another mom of twins I know recommended the charts, and wow, it does get results. I barely had Drew's chart out of the package and put together, and he was running around the house cleaning up toys, trying to make his bed, and telling me over and over, "thanks mom."

So for those of you with small kids or about to have small kids, think about trying one of these charts. I got mine online, from Kenson Parenting. The recommended age is from 3 - 10 years old. The chart comes with 20 different Velcro tabs, so you can choose each week what you want to work on. There are supplemental packs you can buy for other things, such as school or outside chores. The 20 it comes with are great - we have feed the pets, water the plants, set the table, wash the dishes, go potty, get dressed, plus the ones you see and more! The stars are plastic and also Velcro, so you can keep using them over and over. We're working on making the bed, brushing teeth, saying please and thank you, cleaning up their mess, good table manners, and no whining for Faye and no mean/potty words for Drew. At the bottom of the chart is a place to write with a dry erase marker how many stars they need each week, and then a place to write what they get for a reward. I let them choose their reward for the first week, and Drew wants a new monster truck, and Faye wants a new Strawberry Shortcake toy. They are not getting toys every week, but I figured they should choose the first one. Other suggestions they have for rewards are extra time with mom or dad, or an extra book at bedtime if they get enough stars that day. So there are tons of possibilities. Sometimes even getting the star is reward enough - it is amazing what a kid will do for a star!

We are just getting started using the chart, but so far they are doing really well. Some of the tasks are harder than others, such as good table manners. I'm picky about that one so they've only got a star once for that, but hopefully once they earn their 1st reward they'll see the benefits and be ready to try even harder!

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