Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interesting baby...

Alex fell asleep this morning on the dog's bed, tired from playing. I've never seen him do this before, but he had a busy day yesterday. We started scraping another side of our garage, and he was outside playing. Of course he had to be doing what we were doing, so he grabbed a scraper and started working. I've never seen a baby pick up things as quickly as he does. He really watches everything we do (Drew and Faye too). Andy gave him a quick lesson and he was ready!

We went out for dinner last night at Dos Reales, me and Andy's favorite mexican restaurant. They give you a bowl of salsa and chips, and of course we started dipping and eating. I gave Alex a chip, mostly just to play with and he kept reaching forward with it, so Andy put the bowl of salsa near him and he dipped his chip too. He couldn't eat it without salsa - what was I thinking?! What a baby!!

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