Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a fun, but much too short weekend! My mom drove here from Omaha, Nebraska on Friday and we spent the day Saturday in Flanagan at my Oma's annual Fish Fry. We didn't actually eat any fish however. It was great to see everybody there! Mom played Wii for the first time this weekend, and did quite well at the bowling. The kids, especially Drew, were quite excited to show her all the games they play. They also love playing the board game Sorry, so we played that more times than I care to think about. Neither one of them are very gracious losers, but we're working on that. The weekend went by much too fast, but we enjoyed it!

It was really sunny on Sunday when mom was getting ready to leave. Faye couldn't even look at the camera! Finally some sun though! Our street was completely flooded twice this past week, on Wednesday morning and then again Friday night. It was crazy! This was what it looked like on Wednesday morning. I couldn't get a picture of it Friday night because it was dark , but it was much worse than this!

This morning was lousy cold, so we stayed in and melted crayons. It was fun and the kids had a good time. We had tons of broken little crayon pieces, and I saved them, not really knowing why at the time. One of their friends from preschool gave them each a star shaped crayon at Valentine's Day made from melted crayon pieces, so I figured we could do that too! The kids loved breaking the pieces even smaller. We used an old muffin pan and arranged the pieces, then popped it in the oven for a bit till they melted, then in the freezer, and viola! They look really cool.

Faye and Drew had their swim lessons again today. They have a new teacher, Abbie for the remainder of their classes. They were a little leary of switching teachers so soon, but I mentioned how their new teacher looked a little like my brother's girlfriend Hallie, and their faces lit up with excitement at that. The kids LOVE Hallie. So their lesson went great today. They had to swim across the pool with their faces in the water the whole time, blowing bubbles. I noticed it looked like Drew was drinking the water, not blowing out, so I asked him later about it and he said he was thirsty. Ugh!! Anyways, this is the way the kids look before classes, running around the YMCA with towels on their heads. Can they get any stranger?

Alex has been showing an interest in cleaning lately. He found the dishcloth and was wiping off the table last week. My mom said she saw him washing the bathroom floor with a washcloth. Tonight I was sweeping and swiffering (is that a word?) the floor and noticed him watching, so I handed it off and he pushed it around for at least 30 minutes. I may just leave one out for him, and hopefully we'll have clean floors!! Faye and Drew loved doing this too, and still do actually.


Jon said...

That is hilarious about Alex cleaning, I can't stop laughing at him in that picture with the swifter. ha ha.
Also pretty funny about Drew drinking the pool water, YUCK...
Sorry about all the flood water, hopefully the water is down now. Did it do any damage?

hallie said...

All right! Made the blog! Hugs to the kids & hope to see you all soon.