Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are they real people Mommy?

Are they real people Mommy? Faye asked me this question at least 5 times last night. Billie Jo came over and we took Faye and her step-daughter Brittney to the Cinderella Ballet at the Virginia Theatre. It was a great night! We ate out at my favorite restaurant, Minneci's, before heading over to the Theater. We had great seats in the balcony, figuring the girls would be able to see much better up there. We thought we might be arriving late, but we arrived just as the lights were dimmed and the music started. Minneci's is an Italian restaurant, and while it is not particularly fancy, you can easily spend 3 hours eating dinner there. Andy and I always order their Tostini and Olive appetizer, in which you receive at least a loaf of Italian bread toasted, and a large bowl of olives dripping in olive oil and garlic, and a large bowl of diced tomatoes, also dripping in garlic and olive oil. Dieters beware!! This would not be the place to eat if you are watching calories! But it is delicious! We did order this appetizer and even the girls enjoyed this, Brittney the tomatoes and olive oil sauce, and Faye the olives. We then had salads, then our food with more garlic bread. Yum!

Faye sat on the edge of her seat almost the whole one hour and forty-five minutes of the ballet. Her first question was, "Why aren't they talking?" Then she started asking me if they were real people. I couldn't help but laugh. She watched intently the whole show, clapping ridiculously loud at the end of each scene. It was so amazing to watch her enjoy this! Her other comment, which made me laugh, was "Mommy, that boy isn't wearing pants!" She was amazed by the whole show, telling me over and over, "I love the ballet," and also again, "are they real people?" I guess she just could not believe that they were in fact real dancers. She has now decided that she is going to be a ballet dancer.

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Billie Jo Henson said...

Thank you so much for inviting us to go, it was a wonderful time and I too enjoyed Faye and her questions! She was so mesmerized by it and at her age that is neat to see.