Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For those of you who don't know this... I love smoothies!! LOVE them!!! I normally have one everyday for breakfast. Occasionally - when the kids ask for one later in the day, I have two a day. I almost feel weird now if I don't have my morning smoothie!!

There is a lot of hype about smoothies now - some say they are to be avoided while others say they are the greatest thing ever. There is some truth to both sides from what I can tell. Smoothies are not a low calorie food, so if you're on a diet you probably want to avoid them, unless substituting one for a meal or having it as a healthier dessert, rather than that hot fudge sundae with brownies!! If you buy a smoothie, beware. They are probably loaded with sugar and could be from a mix and not actual fresh fruit, or contain ice cream, etc.

Smoothies are so so simple to make. I have an immersion blender that I've been using (thanks mom) and it works great!! It is almost about to break however, so I will be replacing it soon with another. The average blender, from my experience, is not meant to be used everyday or multiple times a day. So I've been through two blenders, a smoothie maker, and now this immersion blender. I'm considering a commercial blender one of these days.

My smoothie consists of about 10 oz of organic vanilla soy milk, half a banana, and some frozen fruit, whatever I have on hand. Usually I have mango, strawberries, mixed fruit, or blackberries. I mix this up and that is all there is to it! Simple, delicious, and lots of vitamins! Give it a try sometime!!

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