Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walking video - sort of

Here's a video Andy took of Alex walking. He will just take a few steps usually and then dive for me, but I imagine he will get the hang of it really quickly!!

Maybe in a few more days we'll get a better video!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby steps and favorite things

Alex took about 10 little baby steps after lunch today. I took him out of his high chair and set him on his feet and off he went. He was determined to catch up with Drew and Faye who had already finished lunch and we're playing in another room. I can't believe it!! I just can't believe it!! He is much too young, and well, I'm just not ready for this. He's our last baby and I just want him to stay a baby. However, I don't think that is going to happen. He is in a hurry to grow up so he can do the same things Drew and Faye are doing.

His favorite things right now are climbing up the stairs, trying to figure out how to go back down the stairs, playing in the dog water, giving zerberts, playing with/eating the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, and doing whatever it is his big brother and sister are doing. He is very proficient at climbing up the stairs, but he just has no idea what to do when it comes to going down the stairs. We have installed gates at both the top and bottom so he can only climb when we are with him and helping. Sometimes he will try to go head first down the stairs, while other times he stands up first, but then sits again, then stands, etc. He's a little nervous about it and so am I, so hopefully he'll get it out of his system soon and not try again till he is much older.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Swimmers!

Faye and Drew started their first swim lessons on Monday. I tried taking them last summer, but things did not go well then. Faye loved swimming, but Drew was very leery. The first day Faye jumped right in and had fun, while Drew sat on the deck with me and Alex. But the second day she wouldn't get in the pool either since Drew wouldn't. Their teacher was a high school student and she did not know how to deal with them. UGH!! Alex was just a few weeks old and I did not have the energy to deal with it, so I cancelled.

Monday however went great!! We are now members of the YMCA so we get a discount for all the classes they offer. They have a ton of options and great teachers with small classes. There are only six kids in their class, and two of them they know from the gym we go to on Wednesday morning. They are also boy/girl twins who are 3, so it works out great!! Their teacher introduced herself, then basically just grabbed all the kids and took them to the pool. Drew turned around and with a terrified look yelled, "Mommy!" She distracted him with picking the color of noodle he wanted, and he was fine. I waved and went to the balcony to watch with the other parents.

They LOVED their swim lessons! They didn't see me for awhile, but when the other kids looked up and waved at their parents, they looked up too and saw me. After everything they did with the teacher, they had to look up and yell to see if I had seen what they did. They have been super excited since then and are now really looking forward to going again. Yeah!! We may have little swimmers soon!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Potty Words

Everyday it seems like the kids learn something new, or change in some way. We've been through hundreds of different stages with them over the last 4 1/2 years. Now comes the potty words stage. Over the past few weeks, they will say what they call potty words, like poopy or butt or wiener, then giggle uncontrollably for a few minutes, then say them again. Of course they have each other to impress, so I think that makes it even more fun for them.

Yesterday I took them to the indoor playground, and on the way home, they made up a new song. Head and shoulders, knees and butt. Head and shoulders, knees and poopy. Etc. Then they would giggle and start over again. All the way home. And it is not a short trip home. Needless to say I was very very ready to get out of our van. So far I've just been trying to ignore it and hope this passes soon!


For those of you who don't know this... I love smoothies!! LOVE them!!! I normally have one everyday for breakfast. Occasionally - when the kids ask for one later in the day, I have two a day. I almost feel weird now if I don't have my morning smoothie!!

There is a lot of hype about smoothies now - some say they are to be avoided while others say they are the greatest thing ever. There is some truth to both sides from what I can tell. Smoothies are not a low calorie food, so if you're on a diet you probably want to avoid them, unless substituting one for a meal or having it as a healthier dessert, rather than that hot fudge sundae with brownies!! If you buy a smoothie, beware. They are probably loaded with sugar and could be from a mix and not actual fresh fruit, or contain ice cream, etc.

Smoothies are so so simple to make. I have an immersion blender that I've been using (thanks mom) and it works great!! It is almost about to break however, so I will be replacing it soon with another. The average blender, from my experience, is not meant to be used everyday or multiple times a day. So I've been through two blenders, a smoothie maker, and now this immersion blender. I'm considering a commercial blender one of these days.

My smoothie consists of about 10 oz of organic vanilla soy milk, half a banana, and some frozen fruit, whatever I have on hand. Usually I have mango, strawberries, mixed fruit, or blackberries. I mix this up and that is all there is to it! Simple, delicious, and lots of vitamins! Give it a try sometime!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 years!!

Andy and I have now officially been together for 10 years. Wow! It is really hard to believe we've spent a whole decade together already!! Best (and strangest) 10 years of my life!!! I love you honey!!

We had our very first date on April 10th, 1999. It was actually Andy's brothers wedding and he emailed me and asked me to go with him. The weekend before our first date was Easter and I happened to be home from college. It also happened to be the weekend we changed the clocks. My parents informed me that Andy was coming over that Saturday morning to bring them a computer. OK - I was going to be out of the house before he got there. I knew what would happen if I saw him again. We hadn't seen each other since we graduated high school - but we had started talking again. I emailed him back in October to see if he wanted to go trick or treating with me again (We went trick or treating together when we were seniors in high school. We never dated in high school - but there was always something there - since kindergarten I think. We sat by each other in all our classes, and spent quite a bit of time together for not really being friends either).

By the time we saw each other in April, we were probably emailing each other at least 4 times a day. It was a little crazy. He changed his clock that Easter weekend, but a day early so he showed up an hour early at my parents house and yep, I was still there. I knew right then I was totally in love with him and that was it for me!!

Our 1st date (and first kiss) of course went well. He came to see me at college the next weekend where we then decided after I got back from France that fall he'd move in with me and go to college with me, then we'd get married. Yes - we really did and I know it was crazy for a second date!! So even though we've only been married for 7 years, it might as well be 10 because there was no doubt there for either of us!!