Saturday, March 7, 2009

My frugal husband....

We finally decided it was time to buy some new fence panels. Everytime Velvet, our dog, would jump up on the fence, a piece would break or fall off. I even saw a squirrel break off part of our fence. OK, time for a new one.

We went out this morning in search of a new fence. Andy was driving, and he was headed the wrong way. So I ask him, "Where are we going?" He tells me the post office. Ok, what for I ask him. And he says, "to get a change of address form." What? I thought we were putting up a new fence, now we're moving? I was a tad confused to say the least. Apparently, there is a 10% off coupon for Lowe's in the change of address packets at the post office. My frugal husband... he always surprises me in some way, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but I love him just the same. If there is some way for him to save us money, he will find it for sure.

We spent the morning going store to store, looking for the best deal. Home Depot had their panels a couple dollars cheaper, but then again we had the 10% off coupon for Lowe's. So back to Lowe's we went and rented a truck (there was no way they were going to fit in our van). I told them we had seen the same panels at Home Depot for less, so they price matched and gave us another 10% off. So we ended up with a great deal!!

We got almost all of the new ones up, but we still have to make two gates and put one more panel up. Those things are heavy!! It looked really easy when the guys at Lowe's were loading them in the truck. We brought them home and wow - it was hard work!! The weather was a little rainy, but hopefully it will cooperate today and we'll get it finished!

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Billie Jo Henson said...

I am glad you guys are getting a new fence put up-I know you have wanted one for a while. Brian and Beth just put one up. We have SOOO much to do with our yard (well soon to be yard) right now its ponds and mud! But over time it will be nice. And the part about the coupon again makes me wonder if our husbands were related in another life? Its a good thing they are like that, I m with ya!