Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a sign!

Alex has learned his first sign language sign... 'more'. I've been working on it with him at each meal for awhile now. I thought he was starting to pick it up, but I wasn't sure at first. All babies adapt the signs a little from the original version so it is hard to tell what they are doing sometimes. Then I gave him a graham cracker at snack time a few days ago. He gobbled it down, and I asked him if he wanted more. Sure enough he did the sign for 'more' and ate another. He kept signing and it was so cute I couldn't tell him no, so he had at least 6 graham crackers, maybe more. I lost count after the first few. We've been working on 'all done' as well, and I think he is starting to pick that one up too. I think I will try adding a few more in the next few weeks.

We started sign language with Faye and Drew just after they turned 1 year old. They really wanted to tell us stuff but couldn't and were fussy, and this really really helped. Hopefully it will help with Alex too. He seemed really excited that he could tell us he wanted 'more'!

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Bri said...

We did signs with Gabe too! Just the basics like more, please, thank you, etc... We thought this was the coolest thing! It totally helps them communicate. It's really fun seeing the grandparents sign too!