Thursday, March 19, 2009

He's on the move!

Alex is finally on the move - crawling that is. I wasn't sure if he would crawl or walk first as he wants to stand all the time. He spends the majority of his time hanging on to the couch or coffee table, or the screen door in the kitchen, so I figured he'd never learn crawl. He's been moving for about a week now, and he is definitely improving and getting where he wants to be quicker. He has a lot of exploring to do!

He doesn't really get up on his hands and knees yet, but pushes himself around on his belly. Faye and Drew don't really know what to think. Sometimes they are excited about it, but other times they are very frustrated. Alex wants to play with their toys and get into their things. They were trying to have a tea party a couple days ago, and Alex kept crawling over and disrupting things. Yesterday they were trying to build a really tall tower and he kept grabbing their blocks and knocking it over.

Hopefully he won't walk for awhile. I'm just not ready for that. He's our last baby and he is growing up much too fast!!

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