Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Barn

I found this pop-up barn at Target the other day. I just couldn't resist getting it for the kids. It is much bigger than I thought it would be, but when it is nice they can take it outside to play. It does fold up to a really small size, so that is nice. They have a pop-up bus they received for their 2nd birthday, and they have played and played in that, and still play in it, so I'm sure this will get a ton of use. Even Alex loves this!! He can now get around our hardwood floor by pushing himself backwards on his belly. He got himself into quite a few unusual spots today.

The kids celebrated Valentines day at preschool today. Faye came out of her classroom crying after school... the teacher accidentally shut the door on her finger and it was all red and swollen. But it had just happened right then so she enjoyed the rest of the day at school (she had white icing in her hair so I know it was a good day=). The teachers brought cookies for them to decorate, and they had a valentine exchange so they came home with lots of loot. They decorated the shoe boxes at school to use as mailboxes for the valentines.

Faye's finger seems to be ok. She cried and cried for awhile, but once we opened the Valentines from her school friends and she started eating some of the candy, her finger seemed to stop hurting. hmmm, very interesting...

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Jon said...

Faye and Drew are so cute holding their Valentine Boxes. I remember when we used to do that in school lol.. Alex on the horse, so funny.