Friday, February 20, 2009

I've learned my lesson!

I preach to the kids all the time, probably everyday, about leaving toys or shoes, etc on the stairs. I tell them how unsafe it is, that somebody could trip and fall and get hurt. So what do I do? I started vacuuming the house yesterday morning and finished the downstairs. Then I vacuumed the stairs. Alex was getting fussy and was ready for his nap, so when I was finished I left the vacuum there, on the top stair, and put him down for his nap. Drew and Faye also took a nap at the same time. I decided to clean up the house a bit, and grabbed a laundry basket of dirty laundry and a handful of CD's to return to the library and headed down the stairs. Since I was carrying the laundry, I didn't see the vacuum and tumbled all the way down the stairs.

I knew that I had hurt my foot, but I wasn't sure it was broken . Faye heard all the racket and came down the stairs. I had her get my phone and I called Andy. After talking to him a few minutes, it started feeling a little better and I was able to get up, so I told him to just come home after work. I sat down for awhile, and when Alex woke up I had to walk upstairs to get him and then back down. Then it hurt - bad. So I called Andy again and asked him to come home so I could go to the doctor. It is my right foot so I didn't think I could drive. I hobbled into the convenient care, then down to x-ray, then back to convenient care. (Pushing the stroller made it a bit easier to walk actually. If I had a bigger house I'd just bring that in and push Alex around all day in that!!)

They looked at the x-ray and indeed I did break my foot. I overextended it and tore something on the top of my foot and broke something as well. They wrapped an ace bandage and put an aircast on, and said I would have to see a podiatrist next week. Hopefully I can just use this walking aircast and won't have to have a cast put on!

I learned my lesson and I will be sure not to leave anything near the stairs again!!

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