Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where is the baby?

Alex has now slept in his own bed every night for a whole week! Last night he slept from 9pm until 4am (for those of you horrible at math, that is 7 hours)!! He managed to sleep 6 straight hours the night before. This is wonderful and I couldn't be more excited about this, however it is a little hard for me to get used to, being that just a week ago he was sleeping in our bed and waking up nearly every hour.

I woke up both nights, didn't see the baby next to me, and shot right up in bed petrified I had lost or suffocated the baby in our blankets, smacked Andy, and asked, "Where is the baby?" He of course mumbles to me that the baby is sleeping in his crib, and he goes back to sleep, probably unaware this conversation has even taken place. He is good at waking up and talking and not knowing it, although a lot of times he doesn't make any sense and it is quite funny. I am sure that in a few days I will also get used to Alex sleeping on his own too - hopefully.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally some sleep - for me at least!

Alex is finally sleeping in his crib now!! I feed him after his bath, tell him goodnight, and then lay him down in his crib. He has a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium that hangs on the side of his crib that has a light and music and the fish move around. I turn that on for him and voila! - he falls asleep within 5 - 10 minutes! We've been trying for months and months and finally he is in his own bed!! This will be night #5 and we're so excited!!

He is a tummy sleeper, which may be why it has been so hard to get him in his crib on his own. I lay him on his back, but he immediately rolls over on his tummy to sleep. The pediatricians all recommend that babies sleep on their backs, but once they can roll over there is really not much you can do about it.

He is not sleeping through the night yet, but hopefully that will come soon as well once he is used to sleeping on his own. He usually wakes up again around 11pm or midnight and I feed him again. Then he is waking up around 1 am or 2 am, but we try and leave him to comfort himself and get back to sleep. If he can't, Andy gets up and changes his diaper and gets him back to sleep. He has been waking up around 5am and Andy once again gets up and brings Alex in our room and I feed him and then he usually hangs out in our bed until we drag ourselves out of bed. But this is a definite improvement and I'd be happy to get up at 5 am if we get him sleeping from 8pm to 5am!! But with my broken foot, Andy is the one doing most of the work now - but that is really nice for a change. He was a little tired after work today though!!

My broken foot

Here's a picture of my foot. It is actually starting to look a little better already and is not as black/blue or swollen. It is starting to get black on the top of my foot and my toes now too. I have an appointment on Wednesday with the specialist.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I've learned my lesson!

I preach to the kids all the time, probably everyday, about leaving toys or shoes, etc on the stairs. I tell them how unsafe it is, that somebody could trip and fall and get hurt. So what do I do? I started vacuuming the house yesterday morning and finished the downstairs. Then I vacuumed the stairs. Alex was getting fussy and was ready for his nap, so when I was finished I left the vacuum there, on the top stair, and put him down for his nap. Drew and Faye also took a nap at the same time. I decided to clean up the house a bit, and grabbed a laundry basket of dirty laundry and a handful of CD's to return to the library and headed down the stairs. Since I was carrying the laundry, I didn't see the vacuum and tumbled all the way down the stairs.

I knew that I had hurt my foot, but I wasn't sure it was broken . Faye heard all the racket and came down the stairs. I had her get my phone and I called Andy. After talking to him a few minutes, it started feeling a little better and I was able to get up, so I told him to just come home after work. I sat down for awhile, and when Alex woke up I had to walk upstairs to get him and then back down. Then it hurt - bad. So I called Andy again and asked him to come home so I could go to the doctor. It is my right foot so I didn't think I could drive. I hobbled into the convenient care, then down to x-ray, then back to convenient care. (Pushing the stroller made it a bit easier to walk actually. If I had a bigger house I'd just bring that in and push Alex around all day in that!!)

They looked at the x-ray and indeed I did break my foot. I overextended it and tore something on the top of my foot and broke something as well. They wrapped an ace bandage and put an aircast on, and said I would have to see a podiatrist next week. Hopefully I can just use this walking aircast and won't have to have a cast put on!

I learned my lesson and I will be sure not to leave anything near the stairs again!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I missed most of the laughing while I was grabbing the camera, but Alex thought this was just great. Drew had his Lightning McQueen book that he has memorized word for word - by us reading it over and over of course - and he started fanning Alex with his book. Alex just giggled and giggled with delight. It is amazing how easily kids can be entertained.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Barn

I found this pop-up barn at Target the other day. I just couldn't resist getting it for the kids. It is much bigger than I thought it would be, but when it is nice they can take it outside to play. It does fold up to a really small size, so that is nice. They have a pop-up bus they received for their 2nd birthday, and they have played and played in that, and still play in it, so I'm sure this will get a ton of use. Even Alex loves this!! He can now get around our hardwood floor by pushing himself backwards on his belly. He got himself into quite a few unusual spots today.

The kids celebrated Valentines day at preschool today. Faye came out of her classroom crying after school... the teacher accidentally shut the door on her finger and it was all red and swollen. But it had just happened right then so she enjoyed the rest of the day at school (she had white icing in her hair so I know it was a good day=). The teachers brought cookies for them to decorate, and they had a valentine exchange so they came home with lots of loot. They decorated the shoe boxes at school to use as mailboxes for the valentines.

Faye's finger seems to be ok. She cried and cried for awhile, but once we opened the Valentines from her school friends and she started eating some of the candy, her finger seemed to stop hurting. hmmm, very interesting...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Faye is quite the little dancer. Here are her latest moves that Andy showed her. She also does the robot so I'll have to get that on video sometime. Drew is picking the music - Star Wars of course. He likes the cantina music that plays in the Lego Star Wars video game. I did find him a Lego Star Wars shirt for Valentine's Day. I think he'll be excited about that!

A no-sleep week here...

What a week we've all had here!! It can only get better I hope! It all started Sunday evening with Andy and I watching the Superbowl. We use MythTV and record everything we watch, so we can pause when we need to - which happens to be quite frequently when you have 3 little kiddos. I made some jalapeno poppers and tofurkey beer brats sauteed in a sweet beer sauce. They were quite tasty, although the kids weren't up for trying anything. Some of the jalapenos were quite hot so that was probably a good thing. Faye did watch part of the game with us, but then decided it would be more fun to play computer games with Drew. We paused at half-time to get the kids ready for bed and then let them watch a movie upstairs in our bedroom. So it was late when we finally finished watching the game. And then we had to watch
The Office. We love that show. It is definitely one of my favorites of all time, right up there with Seinfeld and a few others.

So it was after 12am when we finally went to bed. We both knew we'd be tired on Monday, as Alex still wakes up quite frequently at night. Well, he had just woke up in the swing and started crying. Apparently this woke Drew up and he also started crying. Now this is very unusual, as Faye and Drew are very sound sleepers and can sleep through anything. And they never wake up and cry... But we've all been getting colds again, so maybe he didn't feel very well. Plus they stayed up late watching the movie and playing video games, and we usually don't let them do that either(well, they stay up late but we try to avoid too many games/movies)! So I tried getting Alex back to sleep, but Drew kept crying. We finally got Drew back to sleep, but Alex was so upset by then he just screamed for over an hour and finally fell asleep at 3am I think. And then he was back up again at 4am, and 5am, etc. So basically I was up all night.

Monday morning didn't start out too well either. The dog puked on the floor, the baby was fussy and screaming, and I had one kid in the shower because of a no. 2 all over the bathroom floor and hallway carpet. And this was all within 30 minutes of Andy leaving for work! Things did seem to get a little better the rest of the day, and I was excited to maybe get some sleep that night( it is sad to be excited about sleep). NOPE! This time Faye was the one to be up. The baby of course was not going to bed and at 1am Faye came in our room and said her ear hurt. Well, or course I knew then that she had an ear ache and probably an infection, so I looked for some Tylenol, but nope, nothing around! We tried everything to get her to sleep, hot and cold, letting her sleep in our bed, but she kept crying. So again at 3am, we were up and Andy made a run to Schnucks for some children's Tylenol. This seemed to do the trick and we got her back in her bed and sleeping. Alex of course was up again every hour so no sleep again.

By Wednesday morning I could hardly keep my eyes open and just felt awful and weird from lack of sleep. I couldn't believe that Andy was going to work - we really needed some rest. But off he went at about 10am or so, and I got the kids ready so I could take them to the pediatrician. I didn't even bother to call their doctor, as every other time I've called and one has been sick, they've told me they have an opening next week. OK, they may not be sick in another week. Carle clinic is really a pain - and it is really hard to get appointments. So I took her to Convenient Care and she does in fact have an ear infection in both ears. We got her medicine and it is pink and she loves it and she is now feeling much better. This is the first ear infection and first antibiotic for any of my kids so we have been really lucky until now. Hopefully it will be the last too!

I had Andy run to the store again on Wednesday evening as the kids were having a pizza party at school and we signed up to bring in olives and pineapple. I made sure to tell him which kind to get - sliced olives and pineapple chunks. He did come home with sliced olives, but they were jalapeno. I didn't think it was a good idea to take jalapeno olives to preschool, so we were back at Schnucks again Thursday morning. They must love us!! The kids had a great time at their pizza party.

Alex and I just hung out at home on Thursday morning. He wants to stand all the time now, although he still frequently forgets to hold on, he is getting much better. I left him standing by our coffee table and he managed to walk halfway around it by himself before falling over. He really wants to walk! I thought for sure he'd be crawling by now, but not yet. He is getting closer though!!

We did finally get some sleep last night, although Alex is still waking up all the time. It doesn't matter if he is being held, laying down, or in his swing. He is up every hour!! We have to figure something out soon!