Saturday, January 10, 2009


The kids and I are now members of the YMCA. Alex and I stopped by on Tuesday while Faye and Drew were at school and signed us up for a membership. I've been wanting to join a gym for awhile, but I was unsure as to which one. I previously went to the Fitness Center before Alex came along and I loved it. But it is pricey and not very close to home. And the YMCA has a pool and lots of kid activities! Actually, there are 2 pools. I hadn't heard great things about the YMCA, and in fact it is not the nicest gym I've ever seen. There are currently two locations in Champaign, one on Church street that is in a very large old house that has been adapted. This is where the pools are located. The other is over on Mattis behind Aldi, and has a basketball court, gymnastics, and upstairs a fitness center. Apparently they are going to be moving to a new location later this year, so I can't wait!

The YMCA has open swim every night from 7-9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1-5pm, so I thought this would be a great way to get the kids out of the house and use some of their energy this winter! Faye loves swimming, so she went with me first on Tuesday night. They have open swim in the small pool, which is actually not that small. They keep the water warmer in this pool - it is 90 degrees, so it is like bathwater when you step in. I loved that! The locker rooms are not so nice, but they work I guess. The scary part is getting down to the pool. There are actually 3 locker rooms on 3 different floors - and another really small fitness center hidden someplace in there - this is a very old and crazy house, so there are stairs everywhere! We had to walk down a really creepy/wet/cold stairway to get down to the pool. But the swimming was great and we had a great time.

On Wednesday mornings they have a family gym time at the gymnastics gym, so I took the kids. They LOVED it! Drew has been telling me he wants to do gymnastics. This was another reason I joined the YMCA. They offer gymnastics classes and at a reduced rate to members. The kids were able to run around the gym, jump in the pit and on trampolines, walk on the balance beam, and swing from the bars and rings. The 'pit' brought back a lot of memories. Its been a long time since I've been in a gymnastics gym. We used to have to do conditioning in the pit, where we'd have to jump for like 10 minutes in little pieces of foam. Your legs would be like jelly by the time 10 minutes was up. I can't say I miss that part!! There were about 6 or 7 other little kids there, mostly girls, and they were all wearing leotards. Faye wasn't sure what they were, but she knew she wanted one. She's been asking me every day since why I haven't bought one for her. OK - looks like I'll be out shopping for a leotard for her today.

Drew went with me to the pool on Thursday night. He does not like the water quite as much as Faye, but the more he is swimming the more he is starting to like it. He doesn't like water in his face at all, but he did get splashed quite a few times and he didn't complain once! Hopefully I'll get the kids in swim lessons there soon!!

I haven't taken Alex yet - but I guess the water would be warm enough for him. They do have baby swim classes that I could take with him while the kids are at preschool so we may try that. I joined mainly so I could get out of the house a little by myself and start running again, but I don't know when I'll have time for that now with all these other activities!!

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