Thursday, January 22, 2009

A thoughtful girl

Faye and I went and got haircuts on Tuesday evening. Her bangs were getting in her eyes and she needed a trim. The last time I took her she had a hard time and was not too happy about going. So I told her that next time we'd go together and she could see me get my hair cut. This seemed to work really well. By the time it was her turn she was excited about it and sat up in the chair no problem and even giggled a bit!

When we were finished the hairdresser asked if she could have a sucker and I said she could. Faye picked one out and we were putting our coats on, when she went back to the hairdresser and asked, "could I have a sucker for my brother?" I was amazed that she thought of him and asked on her own, as usually she is just a little shy around strangers. She is always very thoughtful like this, but it always surprises me that she is just 4 and thinks of these things. Drew was very happy once she got home and had a sucker for him!


Jon said...

Ahh, that's so sweet. That's pretty cool.

Bri said...

What a sweetheart!!