Sunday, January 25, 2009


We've been trying to get Alex sleeping on his own for about a month now. We haven't had much luck yet, but then again we're not that motivated. It is cold in our house and neither of us really want to be getting up at night over and over. And we're tired - at least I am. I haven't slept more than 3 hours at a time in at least 8 months. And usually I am up about every 2 hours. That really catches up with you. So I try to get sleep anyway I can - either when the kids are napping or when I'm holding Alex at night, etc. Last night Alex was up from around 4pm till 10:30pm. I finally got him to sleep, and I laid him in his crib, and it was like magic. He didn't wake up screaming! This is the first time that has ever happened that I can remember, except when he was a newborn. I tried to fall asleep right away to get some much needed sleep. He didn't sleep long however and woke up about 45 minutes later. But we are definitely making some progress and hopefully soon he will sleep a few hours when we lay him down!!

Alex was up at 6am this morning - yes he sleeps less than 8 hours at night. He must have got this from me because my mom has mentioned how I never slept when I was a baby and I never took naps either. But Andy got up with Alex this morning and next thing I knew Andy was handing him back to me so he could help Drew and Faye get dressed and it was almost 10am! That was so nice and I have to say I don't even feel tired this morning!

Billie Jo came down for the day yesterday while her husband Mike is snowmobiling with some friends in Wisconsin. She is now 16 weeks pregnant and looks beautiful! The kids were excited to see her and were a little hyper, but we had a good time. We played My Little Pony candyland, and Don't spill the Beans, and they showed her Lego Star Wars on the computer. Faye was nice enough to share her controller a few minutes so Billie Jo could play. Drew was being a little wild during the games, and once we told him Billie Jo had a baby in her tummy, he started patting her on the back real gently... it was cute. Billie mentioned that she looked at the Vegan Yum Yum blog and saw the rolled lasagna recipe and it looked good, so Andy made that for dinner. We made a few changes to the recipe though - I don't really eat eggplant so we used zucchini. I like eggplant but the last few times I've had it I've had a stomach ache after, so we usually just always substitute zucchini and it works great. Andy went to the store to buy lasagna noodles and pine nuts, but came back with almonds. Pine nuts were going to be over $10. We've also stopped using them in our pesto because of this. Other nuts seem to work just fine. I think it turned out really yummy!

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Billie Jo Henson said...

Steph- glad to hear your making progress with Alex sleeping in his crib....Also glad to hear you got some much needed sleep!
I had a great visit and it was to cute how after you told Drew about the baby in my tummy, he changed, and then kept patting me on the back. How sweet (he has a good heart under that tough boy skin). I had fun with everyone. Thanks to Andy again for the YUMMY supper, I have been telling everyone about it! It was great seeing you all! Thanks for everything.