Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years!!

We had a good New Years Eve! All 3 kids made it up till midnight, and all 3 kids were out of bed by 8am!! They actually had no trouble staying up that late. Andy and I were getting really sleepy though. What is with our kids??? I thought kids went to bed early and got up early? We apparently have some night owls. I can't blame them I guess. I can usually stay up forever, but I hate getting up in the morning. Every morning I complain and tell Andy, "I don't want to get up!" We had dinner, the kids watched Cars, and then we played a few games of CandyLand and Hi Ho Cherry O. They love to play these games. I am terrible at the Hi Ho game. I never win. It is amazing that I have never yet won a game. You spin the spinner and do what it says, but I just never win. Faye is the same way at CandyLand. She'll make it almost to the top, then she'll get Plumpy and be back at the bottom again. And she just giggles and giggles...Drew on the other hand likes to cheat. If he gets something he doesn't like, he just spins again till he gets what he wants, or he moves his piece when nobody is looking. We really have to watch him!!

We decided to try out a new recipe for New Years Eve from the new cookbook Andy bought me for my birthday,
Veganomicon. I haven't had much time for cooking since Alex was born, so we haven't really used it much. Everything we have tried has been great, but all the recipes do require a bit more work. We looked through and decided to try Grilled Yuca Tortillas with Tropical salsa. If you've never heard of yuca before, neither had I(it is different than a Yucca, which I have heard of). It is basically a potato. Once peeled it looks like a white potato, but it tastes more like a sweet potato. It was really yummy and I am definitely going to be buying these more often. We found them at Meijer near the avocados. They are cooked the same as a regular potato, so that was easy. I peeled and chopped them, then boiled until they were soft. Next I sauteed garlic, green pepper, and jalapeno pepper in olive oil until it was really soft, then added some corn and sauteed that too. They you mashed the potato, added the sauteed ingredients, as well as lime juice and salt and pepper, and put the mixture into a tortilla. Then I folded the tortilla in half, brushed it with olive oil, and cooked it in our cast iron pan until crispy on both sides. They were very tasty just like this, without any salsa. We did make salsa though, with one chopped avocado, one tomato, one mango, some lime juice, and a little fresh cilantro. It was good, but I imagine it would be really good in the summer with a fresh tomato from our garden and a mango or pineapple that is actually ripe! The tortillas would also be good with guacamole too, so we may try that next time! The kids even ate some, although I did add some soy cheese to their tortilla to convince them to try it.

I made a chocolate pecan pie for dessert. I love love love this pie! It probably has about a thousand calories a slice, but it is so worth it!! I tried making some new soy ice cream too - I used coconut milk, soy milk, silken tofu, and sugar. I blended it all up and threw it in our ice cream maker and it was really yummy on top of our warm pecan pie. It had a lot more flavor from the coconut milk than just plain vanilla ice cream! Yummy!!

Yes, I do realize my pictures are very poor. I think I'll have to talk Andy into buying me a nicer camera. hint hint... and then I'll have to actually learn how to use it!

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