Friday, January 9, 2009

New mattresses

Andy reads slickdeals everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day I think. Usually he is looking for good deals on computer parts or electronics. I am never surprised when the UPS man shows up at our door with a package. It is always for Andy and it is almost always computer parts. This probably happens so regularly I am surprised on the days the UPS man doesn't come to our house. A couple weeks ago he happened to see there was a sale on memory foam mattresses. We desperately needed new mattresses for Faye and Drew's bed. We bought the cheapest mattresses we could find when we first got their bed. We figured with potty training, etc, it would not be a good idea to have nice mattresses. We were right!!

Their new mattresses arrived tonight! The kids were so thrilled! They were very wound up and running all over the house yelling and screaming. Wow! They went to bed willingly though, excited to try out their new beds. I truly wish I had a little of their energy. Alex is getting his third tooth and maybe more now, so he has been keeping us up at night. At least 3 nights this week he was up every hour or even half hour sometimes. He woke up happy this morning, smiling and giggling - at 5:30am. It is hard to try and ignore him when he is talking and giggling and being so cute, even at such an early time!

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