Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Glasses

I took the kids to the YMCA yesterday for gym time. They love going and jumping in the pit and on the trampolines, and swinging from the bars, etc. They can just run around and get rid of some of their energy - and they have a ton. I really hate winter and being stuck inside all day. It is really hard on the kids and me, and there aren't a lot of things to do around here.

Faye jumped head first into the pit and came up without her glasses. Uh OH! So I quickly set Alexander down and jumped in to help her find them. We found them, but they were bent a little and one of the lenses was starting to fall out (Next time she'll have to take off her glasses so this doesn't happen again)! So we put them in my purse to take home, so I could try and fix them. They were actually quite bent and I gently tried to fix them, but the side of her glasses broke completely off. She just got this new pair in August at Lenscrafters, so I figured we could go and get a new frame once Andy was home from work.

Faye and Alexander and I set off for the mall. For kids glasses, Lenscrafters makes you pay 1/4 the retail price of the frames when they break. This is not too bad of a deal, as kids glasses break all the time. At Carle they replaced the frames for free though, so next time we'll be going there again. But they didn't have her frames in stock, so we'd have to have a whole new pair made. So we looked and looked and decided on a pair of red Polo by Ralph Lauren frames. These were a little bit more expensive than the previous Barbie glasses, so we
did have to pay the difference. They are plastic however, and the plastic glasses do seem to hold up a bit better for kids. I was worried it would take a couple weeks to get these in, and her old pair of glasses were very bent and scratched, but they had the lenses in stock and could make them in 2 hours! Yeah! They are very very cute and she received many compliments on them at school today!

Drew had a good time at school today. They were having sports day today so they were supposed to wear their favorite teams shirt. I happened to see a Chicago Bears jersey on sale at Target a couple days ago and thought, well, maybe he'll wear it. He did and was excited about it! After school he ran out of the classroom and had to show me what was in his cubby. He learned to write his name! He spelled it, "DREM." He finally learned how to make a W, but it was upside d
own most of the time. He made 4 pages of his name - it was just too cute! Here are a couple pages on our fridge - he made me hang them up as soon as we were in the door so daddy will see them when he gets home.


Billie Jo Henson said...

Faye's new glasses are so cute, she looks older in them! I love them though!
Drew's masterpiece with his name on the fridge is priceless! How cute! Good job Buddy!

jadon said...

Nice glasses Faye!

Good work Drem!

Jon said...

Faye's glasses are stylin, very cute. Looks like Drew is doing a great job writing his name. Keep it up Drew...