Saturday, January 17, 2009


The weather was extremely cold this week. The kids preschool was canceled on Thursday and Friday. Alex was supposed to get pictures taken on Thursday, but since it was so cold we rescheduled for next Tuesday. It was -15 on Thursday morning when we woke up. Andy was going to ride his bike to work - I told him to skip because that was just crazy. He received an email later that day saying that some idiot pulled the fire alarm in the basement of Loomis Lab, so he was glad he skipped and missed having to go stand outside in the cold!

The kids were happy to finally get to play in the snow today. They stayed out longer than I expected... Mostly they were trying to dig out their frozen toys from the sandbox. Drew grabbed the snowshovel and scooped a little bit.

Andy gave the kids a bath a few nights ago. This is what happens when daddy's do bath time I guess. He just put them all in there together! He says they 'self clean' too!

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