Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Velvet is ready for Christmas!!

There is nothing more that Velvet likes than opening presents. Well, maybe corn on the cob or going for rides in our van, but opening presents has to be one of her favorites. I was very careful to not let her see her presents this year. I didn't talk about them; I wrapped them while she was sleeping and put them under the tree. Somehow, she still knew they were there. The next day I saw her pawing under the tree looking for them. She knew which ones were hers even! They must smell different? I don't know how she can tell. I wrapped them the same as I would any other present and used the same paper. They are just toys and a new collar, so they are not snacks. If they were dog treats I could understand it.

Well, I was washing dishes last night, and I hear some rustling over by the tree. I figured the kids were probably getting anxious and starting to mess with the presents or the tree. Nope... it was the dog. She had finally dug out one of presents and was opening it. She decided she couldn't wait a bit longer and she was just going to open one. What a dog...

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