Friday, December 12, 2008

Parent -Teacher Conference

I attended my first of many parent-teacher conferences yesterday. Kids sure grow up fast. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with them, and then they were little babies, and now they are growing up and going to school!

I met with Ms. Angie, Drew and Faye's preschool teacher. She is a great teacher and you can tell she really cares about the kids and spends a lot of time with each of them. She really knew Faye. She said Faye loved learning new things and had no trouble trying new things, but was not daring either. Faye has just now started easily talking to her teachers, and when in group circle time if nobody answers her questions, Faye is jumping in to answer them. She also said Faye loves story time. Really? I can't imagine that. She only wants me to read 50 books a day to her. So she is doing well and adjusting well to school.

Drew is very shy at school and really wants to fit in. The first word he spoke at school was 'cubby'. If they make a drawing or painting at school, when they are finished they get to walk out in the hallway by themselves and put their picture in their cubby. I guess this is 'the thing to do'. Ms. Angie said Drew discovered he could do this the day before Thanksgiving, so she told him if he wanted to do that, he had to say cubby. So he did and ran out and put it in, then rushed back in to draw some more. Then she made him say, "I want to put this in my cubby", and he did! She said it was awesome and she was so excited she nearly started crying! Then he was talking to her the rest of the day. But then was Thanksgiving break and now he is back to not really wanting to talk much. They have family style snack now, where they sit at the table and they have to put their hands in their laps and thank the person who brought the snack. Then they have to ask, "please pass the juice," or "please pass the snack," before they get any. She said that has been hard for Drew because he really wants the snack but doesn't want to talk , but it is helping getting all the kids talking! Apparently it is a quiet bunch of kids this year!

Drew is trying really hard to fit in and do the right thing at school. He will look at Ms. Angie before doing anything to make sure it is right. Sure wish he'd do this at home sometimes! But when it is time to do a potty, wash hands, clean up toys, etc. he double checks. She just thinks this is part of being shy and not wanting to stand out from the other kids. But he was playing with Jack at school and talking to him - they were building with Lego's together, so that is promising! She is not as worried since he seems comfortable talking to some of his classmates.

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