Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Usually we get a real tree every year for Christmas, but this year we decided to try an artificial tree. We don't have as much room in our house now that we have a baby - all that baby equipment. We have a swing downstairs and a swing upstairs, and a highchair, and an exersaucer, and I could go on and on about all the baby stuff. I saw a flyer for Menards and they had some 'slim' trees. That might work. We took the kids last night and picked one out. Andy thought it was a little weird looking, and it probably is, but I liked it and it will fit in our house. The real trees we usually get are huge, and they do make a large mess, but they smell so good. I'll miss that!

I got the tree out this morning and Faye and Drew helped me put it together while Alex was napping. Faye really enjoyed helping, while Drew brought over the branches to us or watched. Drew was not even going to let me take his picture, but I did bribe him with a Twizzler if he would hold Faye's hand and take a picture. He agreed to that!

We'll decorate the tree later once
Andy is here to help. They get a little carried away with decorating and last year knocked over the tree several times while putting on the ornaments.

Here is Alex e
ating a cracker. I can't believe he is old enough for that already! He'll be 5 months old tomorrow. Of course most of the cracker ended up on the floor, but he really thinks he is big stuff when I give him something he can feed himself. He also learned how to use his sippy cup today! I've occasionally been giving one to him to try, and he usually just chews on it, but today he figured it out! He's never yet had a bottle, so we'll probably just skip right over that, but that will be easier later anyways.

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