Sunday, December 14, 2008


The kids helped me make Brownie cookies on Friday afternoon. They love making desserts, mostly because they love licking the bowl when I'm done. This is one advantage of being vegan... no eggs in the batter to worry about!! So we can all eat batter till we have tummy aches!! They've been helping me for years, but they have just now really started helping. They count out how many cups of each ingredient, and they patiently take turns. They know if they help nicely they will get to eat the batter when we're finished! Faye really gets into the batter! She does not care if she is covered from head to toe in a mess.

Drew on the other hand is a very neat little boy and does not want anything on his hands, face, or clothes. He barely even needs to wash his hands when he is finished. Here he is waiting patiently for the cookies to bake!

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